Shared Cultural Heritage: Matching Fund

Dutch organizations are eligible to apply at the Matching Fund for shared heritage activities.

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Education, Culture and Science have made funds available for shared heritage activities via the Dutch embassies and DutchCulture. DutchCulture has a sum of 200,000 per year at its disposal for shared heritage activities from Dutch legal entities. An important aim for the Matching Fund is the promotion of and coherence in shared heritage activities. Coherence is created by central themes, such as the historical city centre, water management and historical perceptions. The Shared Cultural Heritage programme council will advise on the allocation of matching funds. 

Important conditions
Matching funding can be awarded to projects that:

  • Are requested by Dutch legal entities,
  • Are in collaboration with at least one partner from Indonesia, the United States of America, Suriname, South Africa, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Russia or Australia,
  • Are completed by 31 december 2020,
  • Are visible for a broad audience in the Netherland and/or in the partner countries.

Further note that:

  • The matching fund covers up to 50% of the total project costs,
  • The funds granted are between € 5,000 and € 35,000.

The Shared Cultural Heritage programme council will advise on the apportioning of the matching funds. In considering awarding funds, the programme council will pay attention to factors as cultural-historical significance, uniqueness, representativeness and the technical urgency of the projects.

If you think you are eligible for the Matching Funds, it is recommended to contact the responsible staff member at DutchCulture before you send in your application. 

The upcoming deadline for applying to the Matching Fund is 13 October 2019. This is also the last deadline within the programme of 2017-2020.