Shared Cultural Heritage: Funding

The Netherlands offers several possibilities to support Dutch professionals initiating projects in the context of the Shared Cultural Heritage programme.

DutchCulture offers two funding possibilities for Shared Cultural Heritage projects initiated by Dutch partners. The first regulation is the Matching Fund of 200,000 per year for Shared Cultural Heritage activities of Dutch organizations. An important aim for the Matching Fund is the promotion of and coherence in shared heritage activities. The second regulation is the Travel compensation for Dutch organizations that want to travel to a partner country. This compensation enables organizations to acquire knowledge of the local circumstances and to meet partners, ensuring the relevancy of their projects by improving the sustainability and reciprocity of their activities. 

Additionally, our embassies in the designated partner countries have a budget for shared heritage activities of local organizations. Also a number of Dutch cultural funds has specific heritage regulations. 
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Anouk Fienieg
Head of International Cultural Policy & Coordination
Remco Vermeulen