July 10, 2018

USA: New York Black Heritage Tour

In February, a Black Heritage Tour explored the hidden African, Native American and Dutch Heritage of New York State.

Black Heritage Tour
Black Heritage Tours has organized a tour to explore New York State, the former Dutch colony known as ‘New Netherlands’, in a new way. This is the first tour to connect Dutch colonial history with African and Native American heritage. The tour begins in NYC and travels upstate to Albany (formerly named Beverwijck) through the Hudson River Valley to visit historic state sites and local attractions connected to this shared history. The influence of Dutch culture in New York State is still evident today. It is clearly seen in the architectural heritage, the food, the names of cities and streets and in many present-day celebrations.

Mapping Slavery Project
The tour was initiated by Jennifer Tosch, a descendant of this shared history, and co-created by the Mapping Slavery Project. This project depicts places historically related to slavery on the map of the Dutch colonial empire. Read more on what is included in the tour here.