Jakarta, Indonesia (1947). Schoolboy with world map.

Photo: Cas Oorthuys

Rijksmuseum issues book series on shared past

Between 2015 and 2017 the Rijksmuseum is publishing a series of books focusing on the Netherlands’ shared past with nine different countries.
13 November 2015

The Rijksmuseum Landenreeks (Country Series) is published by the History Department of the Rijksmuseum. By researching objects from the Rijksmuseum Collection, the series describes the shared history of the Netherlands with Indonesia, Japan, China, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Ghana and Suriname. For the translation into English, the Rijksmuseum received a contribution from our Shared Heritage Matchingfund (information in Dutch).

For more information, please see the page for each country's edition on the Rijksmuseum website: