Book cover "In Haar Voetsporen".

Photo: ROSE Stories.

ROSE Stories publishes "In Haar Voetsporen"

On 18 December ROSE Stories will publish the Dutch translation of the book "The Journey of Belonging".
8 December 2020

On 18 December, ROSE Stories will publish the book "In Haar Voetsporen", the Dutch translation of the book "The Journey of Belonging" of Indonesian writer and visual artist Lala Bohang and Indo-Dutch writer and historian Lara Nuberg. In their book, Bohang and Nuberg explore what binds them together. Are their lives connected by 350 years of Dutch presence in the Indonesian archipelago? Or has colonial history hardly left its mark on the lives of these two young women?

Ongoing work, extended book

Compared to the English edition, the Dutch version of the book is extended with an extra chapter, in which the two writers reflect on the past year after they published their first English print. In 2020, "The Journey of Belonging" won the 5th Ranald MacDonald Award. The book originates from the project "My Story, Shared History" initiated by DutchCulture, the Indisch Herinneringscentrum and Komunitas Salihara. 

The translation of the book was supported by DutchCulture's Shared Cultural Heritage Matching Fund and the Indisch Herinneringscentrum.