Mondrian e o Movimento De Stijl in Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in São Paulo

Biggest Mondrian exhibition in Brazil on tour

After São Paulo and Brasília with over 300,000 visitors, the exhibition travels to Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro.
27 June 2016

Over seventy works by Mondrian and his contemporaries in the De Stijl movement are currently on tour in Brazil. The museum’s Mondrian collection is the greatest on the planet. Director Benno Tempel says: “Mondrian is one of the top five Dutch artists: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Mondrian and Escher. It’s great that the Brazilian public can get to know his work.”

To show that Mondrian’s abstraction was not an overnight development, the exhibition includes both early and late examples of his work. Mondrian’s approach progressed in phases, becoming more abstract and modern as time went on. Tempel: “Visitors will witness Mondrian’s entire artistic development. From the early rural landscapes, via radiantly colourful images of windmills and Cubist-style ovals, right through to his world-famous abstract compositions in a cast-iron visual idiom that has continued to inspire artists, architects and designers ever since.”

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Mondrian e o Movimento De Stijl

CCBB Brasília 20 July-26 September 2016

CCBB Rio de Janeiro 12 October 2016-9 January 2017