July 10, 2018

Australia: Long-term partnership for Dutch and Australian National Archives

On 27 April (King’s Day in the Netherlands) the National Archives of Australia and of the Netherlands announced a strengthened partnership.

50,000th Dutch migrant, arrives in Australia aboard the SIBAJAK in 1954. (Source: National Archives of Australia)

Migration heritage now becoming more accessible
An example of this partnership is a new project from the National Archives of Australia and the National Archives of the Netherlands that will lead to the joint study of migration records. This project aims to create more awareness of the contributions that Dutch migrants have made to Australian society. Dutch-Australian migration heritage will also become more accessible and visible through the Destination Australia website. In the future, this website will host a series of personal video interviews with Australians of Dutch ancestry, as well as an in-depth study of records related to Dutch-Australians relations in the 20th century from both countries’ national archives. This project was supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Australia through a special grant for Shared Cultural Heritage, as a starting point of a fruitful long-term cooperation.

Visit to the Netherlands
Recently in May, Caroline Webber (Director Public Programmes) and Gina Grey (Assistant Director of Reference Services) from the National Archives of Australia, visited the Netherlands to further strengthen their partnership with the National Archives of the Netherlands, as well as to meet and exchange knowledge with administrators from different organisations in the Netherlands. Their trip was made possible by the International Visitors’ Programme from DutchCulture.