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The Sumatra Heritage Trust is a non-profit and non-government, community-based organization that was established on April 29, 1998, with the Legal Act of Syafnil Gani No. 21 in Medan. The objective of the Trust is to promote heritage awareness in Sumatra. The Founder of Pan-Sumatra Network for Heritage Conservation with 15 heritage societies members from all over Sumatra.

See also:

  • 1. Inventory of modern architecture in Medan produced a listing of 600 buildings built between 1860s-1960s. (Publication)
  • 2. Publishing Medan Heritage Series with its first edition "Kampong Madras, A Portrait of Indian Community". (Publication)
  • 3. Publishing a catalog titled "Classical Photographs of Medan in the Old Days". (Publication)
  • 4. Translating "Medan, Beeld van een stad" (ongoing). (Publication)
  • 5. Producing a video titled "Medan Heritage". (Publication)
  • 6. Completing an inventory of historical buildings and areas in Medan. (Publication)


  • Rika Susanto (Expert)
  • Nicolaus Simamora (Expert)
  • Ir. Rika Susanto (Expert)
Other name (in original language): 
Badan Warisan Sumatra


39, Sei Selayang Street
Medan 20154