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National Archaeological Anthropological Memory Managament

Johan van Walbeeckplein 13

NAAM is the bustling cultural resource centre in Willemstad, Curacao (Caribbean). The name NAAM stands for National Archaeological - Anthropological Memory Management. Having started as a museum in the year 1998, NAAM has developed into a dynamic organization that stands for cultural resource management in the broadest sense of the word. Besides being a museum, including a deposit, NAAM is the driving force behind countless initiatives to promote policy, national and international cooperation, knowledge acquisition, understanding and involvement regarding Caribbean heritage issues. This website provides information about every aspect of NAAM, from its mission and philosophy to its organizational structure, its activities and the services offered to the local society. In the Publications section you can view and download the output of NAAMs work in the field of policy making, research and education. We hope that you will find the information on this website interesting and that it will encourage you to contribute - in your own way - to the protection and enjoyment of what binds us together as a Caribbean community: our shared memory!

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