Linda van der Heijden

Through the International Visitors Programme, I meet 35 international experts per year. For every visit, I create a custom multi-day programme, together with our advisor’s cultural cooperation. Actively creating an international network, connecting with Dutch art and culture, encouraging international dialogue and cultural exchange: that’s the value of this programme. Meeting inspiring guests from different countries, cultures, and disciplines, contributing to their international ambitions is what makes my work at DutchCulture so much fun. 
I also work as a project manager at DutchCulture, where I act as a central coordinating force to help create unforgettable experiences and strengthen connections. 
My love for art and culture took shape during my master studies at the Academy of Art and Design, which led to my previous jobs as a project manager, programme manager and account manager in the cultural and creative industry. You’ll also find me outside: as a trained horticulturist, I have a passion for plants and flowers. At winery Chateau in Amsterdam, I style and take care of the office plants. Through designing gardens I hope to make the world a bit greener.