Hasti Tarekat

Founder Heritage Hands On, Expertise and Entrepreneurship

Founder Heritage Hands On, Expertise and Entrepreneurship ,
Project Leader of several shared heritage projects between Indonesia and Netherlands ,
Board of Directors Indonesia Heritage Trust in the Netherlands (2005-present),
Guest Lecturer International Masters Program "Museology" Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam (2006-present), Member Indonesia Diaspora Task Force Liveable Cities,
Senior Program Coordinator, Centre for International Heritage Activities (2014),
Advisor Erfgoed Nederland (2008-2010),
Founder and Executive Director of Sumatra Heritage Trust (1998-2005)and Pan-Sumatra Network for Heritage Conservation (Pansumnet) (1998-present),
Secretary of Bandung Heritage Society (1993-1997)

See also:
Industrial Heritage at Stake, Sawahlunto, Indonesia, on-going (Project)
Capacity Building for Heritage Societies in the Eastern Part of Indonesia, on-going (Project)
Historical Data for Inner City Development, 2014-on going (Project)
Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Heritage Conservation, 2013-on going (Project)
World of Food, 2014-on going (Project)
Urban Heritage Strategies Courses, 2011 and 2014 (Project)
Heritage Trails in Indonesia for Smartphone Application, 2013-2014 (Project)
Heritage Education for Elementary Schools in Indonesia (Project)
Capacity Building for Indonesian Heritage Cities Network (35 municipalities) (Project)
Heritage Emergency Response (HER) in Indonesia (Project)
Revision of Monument Laws in Indonesia (Project)
Capacity Building Training for Heritage Societies in Sumatra (Project)

Researcher "The Impact of Monuments Law on Protecting Historical Buildings in Medan" (Publication)
Contributor "The Urban Culture Encyclopedia", Yale University (Publication)
Translator "Burra Charter" (the Australian Heritage Conservation Guidelines) English-Indonesian (Publication)
Translator "Canon" (the summary of Dutch history) Dutch-Indonesian (Publication)
Translator "Medan, Beeld van een stad" (Asia Maior) Dutch-Indonesian (Publication)

Pan-Sumatra Network for Heritage Conservation (Pansumnet) (Organisation)
Modern Asian Architecture Network (mAAN) (Organisation)
International Field School on Asia Heritage (IFSAH) (Organisation)
International Committe on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) (Organisation)
Bandung Heritage Society (Organisation)
Indonesia Diaspora Task Force Liveable Cities (Organisation)

Social Geography & Regional Planning