Akosua Perbi

Head of the Department of History

Born in 1952, Dr. Akosua Adoma Perbi was educated at Achimota School where in her final year, 1969, she was appointed Girls’ Senior Prefect. She proceeded to the University of Ghana and graduated in 1974 with a B.A. (Hons) degree in History. She also read a Masters in History (1978) and a PhD (1997) at the University of Ghana.

After graduation in 1974, Akosoa taught as a national service personnel at Aburi Girls School before returning to the University of Ghana to pursue a Masters course in History. She took up an appointment with the Ghana National Archives as Assistant Archivist for two years (1977-79) and spent another two years with the Institute of Adult Education as Resident Tutor (1979-1981) prior to joining the History Department at the University of Ghana as a Lecturer in 1981. She continues to lecture as a Senior Lecturer and has headed the Department of History many times.

In her 31 years’ service with the University of Ghana, Dr Perbi has taught over 6,000 students in various courses in the History of Africa and Ghana and has also undertaken deep research into the institution of Slavery, in particular indigenous slavery in Ghana, resulting in her publication of a Noma Award-winning book “The History of Indigenous Slavery in Ghana”.

Her work at the University of Ghana has afforded Akosoa the opportunity to travel to many countries including the UK, USA, Norway, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, South Africa and Brazil to attend conferences and present papers. She was an Exchange student participant at the University of Texas in Austin, USA in 1993-94 and also went on sabbatical leave at Manchester College in Indiana, USA as a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence in 2000-2001 during which period, in addition to lecturing students, she participated in conferences in a number of North American Universities.

Dr Perbi serves on several Boards, both at the University and externally, such as the Academic Board, Faculty of Social Studies Board and Residence Board, to name a few. In 1997, she was appointed Ghana’s Representative on UNESCO’s International Scientific Committee on Slave Trade where she served for three years, as well as being a member of the National Maritime Museum Slavery Project, Greenwich, UK, in 2002.

See also:
Perbi, Akosua Adoma. 2004. A HISTORY OF INDIGENOUS SLAVERY IN GHANA: FROM THE 15TH TO THE 19TH CENTURY. Accra: Sub-Saharan Publishers. (Publication)

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